Conditioned transport

Looking for conditioned transport for your goods? Daroni Logistics arranges it for you on a national and international basis!

Possibilities for conditioned transport

Conditioned transport is necessary for specific goods. For that, you need a reliable logistics partner who offers customized solutions for your transportation needs. At Daroni Logistics, we like to think along with you. Whether you are looking for a national or international shipment. In addition, we are happy to discuss with you your wishes regarding the frequency of the transport. We offer the possibility to work with you on a contract basis in addition to a one-time (urgent) shipment. Are you looking for a partner for conditioned distribution transport? Even then we are happy to look at your requirements together with you!

Our services

Our vehicles are built to keep your goods safe in temperatures from -20 to +20 degrees Celsius. In addition, we offer controlled atmosphere freezer, refrigerated ambient and heated transportation. We can imagine that you have different goods that can be transported under different conditions. Then it is not practical if you have to arrange multiple transports. On request, Daroni Logistics also transports your goods at dual temp. Using a data logger and calibrated thermometers, we closely monitor the temperature of your goods. We ensure that different goods, under different temperatures are moved soundly with the same transport.


Your goods will be transported from point A to point B by a GDP-certified driver, if necessary or desired. To stay informed of where your shipment is, we may also offer you the option of using real-time track-and-trace to track your goods.

A real-life example

A patient in a hospital in Denmark needs to undergo emergency surgery. For this purpose, an aortic valve must be moved urgently from the Netherlands to the hospital in question. For this a thorough temperature controlled transport needs to be arranged, which can meet exactly the optimal conditions for the aortic valve. With the help of Daroni Logistics, the medical goods are delivered under the right conditions at the right time. In the process, we also offer white glove service. This way, your goods arrive at the hospital in exactly the right department. This way, no precious time is lost!