Storage and warehousing

Outsource the storage and warehousing of your stock? Daroni Logistics is exactly what you are looking for. We are also happy to take care of your stock management.

Advantage of storage and warehousing

Do you have stock but cannot dispose of it immediately? At Daroni Logistics we take care of the storage of your goods. Our storage points are located in strategic locations so that your cargo can be moved as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you choose to let Daroni Logistics facilitate your storage and warehousing, you can save a lot of money and time. Imagine having to provide storage space yourself. Often it doesn’t stop there. Good on-site staff is also a must. By outsourcing all this, you will be spared a lot of worries.

Stock management

Anything you can think of and we will store it for you. Via our stock management, you can easily see if you are short of products or if you have enough in stock. Our experienced staff will help you find the most suitable location to store your products. If you choose Daroni Logistics as a partner in the field of storage and warehousing, we ensure that you can deliver to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Personal advice of our customer service

If you have any questions about our storage options, our customer service is ready to answer all your question marks. Our customer service team has years of experience in the transport world and can therefore completely relieve your worries and stress. We know exactly what you need and help you find the most suitable and economical way of storage and warehousing.

A real-life example

Have you completely outgrown your small local storage space with your company and is it too expensive to have a larger space built yourself? Through Daroni Logistics it is possible to completely outsource storage and stock management. Do you have many customers in the east of the country? Then we ensure that your stock is stored in a strategically interesting place.