About us

Daroni Logistics is your perfect partner in the field of transport and logistics. Meet your total specialist.

Your total specialist in the field of transport and logistics

Daroni Logistics is a specialist in the field of transport and logistics. Whether you need a fast urgent shipment or a less urgent sea freight, you have come to the right place at Daroni Logistics. Being reliable and flexible and always putting the customer first with a personal approach, are our spearheads within the organization. You will never be alone in your questions and doubts. Our experienced employees always think along with you.

With our central planning operating from Berlicum (NB) in the heart of The Netherlands, you have one single point of contact for all your logistics issues. Based on our planning, we operate throughout the world. Because all our employees work from a central point, we can always switch quickly. Your shipment will never have to wait unnecessarily long.

Thanks to our own fleet and extensive network of permanent professional partners, there is always a solution for your logistics problem. Flexibility and quality are guaranteed at all times thanks to the close ties with our partners. We transport countless shipments from customers throughout Europe. Our planning is optimal, so that we can always provide a solution in collaboration with our network.

Our vision

Daroni Logistics strives for a lasting relationship with its customers. Our eyes are on the future. By always thinking along with our customer and focusing on the wishes and needs of the customer, we are able to continuously improve our cooperation. We are adaptive to our customers and offer them the right IT solutions every time. As a result, they are closer to conquering the world every day.

Our mission

Daroni Logistics strives for a simple, clear and accessible logistics service for all its customers. This makes it easy for our customer to serve his market in the right way. By continuously innovating and investing, we are always one step ahead of our competition.

Our history

Daroni Logistics is the result and expansion of 073Koeriers. Fascinated by everything that has to do with road transport, current managing director Danny Heesbeen founded 073Koeriers in 2006. The courier company specializes in urgent express transport and everything related to it. Over the years, 073Koeriers has continued to develop and has become a household name in the courier world.

Due to the continuing demand from customers for new services, Daroni Logistics was established in 2020. With Daroni Logistics we offer our customers a wide range of possibilities. Where 073Koeriers was particularly focused on urgent express transport, with Daroni Logistics we can provide tailor-made services to every customer, whether within the Netherlands or on an international level. Craftsmanship has been of paramount importance to 073Koeriers from day one. You don’t have to expect anything else than our best effort and highest expertise at Daroni Logistics. You can rely on us to solve your logistics problems in the most professional and efficient way possible.