Daroni Logistics, with its worldwide connections and experience, ensures the most efficient and reliable form of your air freight transport.

Advantages of airfreight

We are happy to help you move your cargo quickly. We have worldwide connections to make the transport of your shipment as efficient and reliable as possible. When transporting air freight via Daroni Logistics, you need to think about fast transit times, accurate and reliable arrival and departure times and afast delivery to and from the airport.

Door-to-door logistics

Your shipment will be shipped by us exactly to the location of your choice. For example, it may happen that you combine air freight with road transport. In that case, we will ensure that your cargo is taken from the airport to the recipient specified by you. In this way, the entire process is facilitated by Daroni Logistics so you will be completely relieved.

Additional airfreight options

Can you only deliver the freight at the last minute? That is also no problem for Daroni Logistics. We ensure that small and large shipments are moved asefficiently as possible. Our worldwide connections ensure fast transit times and also offer you the option to deliver your cargo as quickly as possible to a destination of your choice via synchromodal transport. In addition to transport, we also relieve you of document and customs formalities. This way you can focus on what is really important to your business!

Personal advice of our customer service

If you have any questions or doubts about the feasibility of your air freight, our customer service is ready to answer all your question marks. Our customer service team has years of experience in the transport world and can therefore completely relieve your worries and stress. We know exactly what you need and help you find the most suitable and economical way of air freight.

A real-life example

A Norwegian airline needs new furniture for some of its planes. Shipping by truck or sea freight is not an option due to the time involved. Airfreight is a faster option, however, in Oslo. Daroni Logistics takes care of the whole process. We arrange for the furniture to be loaded at the supplier. Then, one of our drivers delivers the items to the departure airport. We also handle all customs and document issues. By taking care of all the logistics, Daroni Logistics ensures that there is no confusion during the transportation of the cargo. The furniture shipment arrives on time at its destination and is ready to be installed in the planes.