Daroni Logistics has a lot to offer you in the field of road freight. We transport your small, large and special loads throughout Europe.

Road transport for large and small parcels 

Would you like to have all of Europe covered through 1 partner? Transport via Daroni Logistics is the solution. We provide road transport for both large loads (FTL) and small (LTL) loads. Our acceptable rates, specialized staff and fast transit times ensure efficient road transport of your parcels, pallets and boxes from place A to B. Because we offer the options Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less Truck Load (LTL), it is for you extra advantageous for sending smaller loads.

Extra efficiency through additional services

Does your cargo require extra care? We have an extensive package of options when it comes to additional services. An example of this is our temperature-controlled transport. We ensure that your shipment is kept at the right temperature during all phases of road transport. We also offer you the option of combining your transport with storage and cross-docking. Is the transport of your freight in a hurry above average, but is urgent transport not an option due to the costs? Then we also offer you an intermediate route. Via our semi-urgent option, your shipment will swiftly reach its destination and you will be saved the costs of an urgent transport.

A real-life example

A supplier of computer products chooses a large freight towards the interior of Greece. The Full Truck Load option is therefore the best option for them. The planner of Daroni Logistics ensures that the fastest and safest route is taken by the driver. Within a few days of loading, it is time to unload at the agreed location. The cargo was delivered on time!