On-Board courier services

Looking for our safest and fastest way of delivery? Our On-Board courier services are ideal for a small shipment.

Fast and safe delivery

Our On-Board courier services are a guarantee of a safe and fast delivery. It is our fastest way of shipping, especially for small shipments. You don’t have to worry about losing anything. Your shipment is continuously managed by our courier. Do you still want to know the current situation? You can contact our On-Board courier at any time.

Door-to-Door or Door-to-Port? 

We offer you several options when it comes to moving your shipment. To begin with, we can manage the entire shipment. This means that we will collect your package from you and take care of the entire logistics picture until your shipment reaches its destination. In addition, we also offer you the following options:

  • Door to port
  • Port to door
  • Port to port

Restrictions and conditions

There are a number of things where we cannot help you with an On-Board courier service. An example of this is the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). Fortunately, that does not mean that we cannot help you at all. We have many other services where we can still be of service to you. For further information, please contact our experienced customer service team and we will find out which service best suits your needs. Our On-Board Courier Services are suitable for the following shipments:

  • Small shipment
    Maximum dimensions: 40x35x25 cm
    Maximum weight: 19,9 kg as hand luggage
  • Large shipments
    Maximum dimensions: 120x50x30 cm
    Maximum weight: 19,9 kg cargo bay

A real-life example

You have a small shipment that needs to be delivered urgently due to a planned medical operation. Transport by express courier overland is no longer feasible in time. Then your last resort is the On-board courier (OBC). Our OBC will board the first available flight to the receiving address and personally ensure that your shipment is delivered as soon as possible.