E-commerce logistics

Is your company growing in e-commerce and is the webshop logistics starting to become a problem? Daroni Logistics completely relieves you with its services.

Total fulfillment solution

We at Daroni Logistics think it is important that we can assist you in every way. This way we can help you with more than just transporting your goods. We are also happy to take over your other tasks related to fulfillment. You can think of warehousing, storage and retrieval of goods, but also return processing. In addition, we can also take care of packing, repacking and repacking your goods.

B2C and B2B logistics

Do you own an e-commerce company and are you stuck when it comes to fulfillment? Daroni Logistics can take away your stress and help you on your way to correctly fill in your logistics issue. With years of experience in the transport of goods, we are your perfect partner. Whether you want to ship your products to a business customer (B2B) or a private person (B2C), we are there for you. To speed up the entire process, it is possible to link your webshop to our system so that a lot of unnecessary and time-consuming phone calls are avoided.

The extension of your webshop

Daroni Logistics offers you various shipping options. We provide customized services. We are, as it were, an extension of your webshop. Choosing the right logistics service provider can make a world of difference to your bank account. When choosing Daroni Logistics, we ensure acceptable rates and total unburdening of your e-commerce logistics. To streamline the entire process, we also offer you the option to link your webshop to our system. Your logistics tasks are immediately included in our process.

 We assist, you grow

You will soon notice that our logistics service takes away the necessary headaches for you. You will again have time to focus on other things that were somewhat behind due to lack of time. Daroni Logistics takes care of everything for you. By choosing the right logistics tools, you